Next Steps

>Many of you have asked about news concerning the next step for Cat. We have heard from the committee. Cat has been turned down at this time for the second transplant, because her lung function is too good (thanks to transplant #1). Her skin isn’t a factor.

Trasplant Update

We traveled to Seattle again for doctor appointments on March 9, 10, and 11. On that Wednesday, we saw Dr. Furst, and he was very compassionate about Cat’s progressively harder. He was the primary scleraderma transplant doctor for the University of Washington Medical Center.

Bad News

We made an appointment with a fertility specialist. She had two blood tests last week to determine her fertility. Cat got the call today, and there is very little to no chance that she has any viable eggs. The chemo for the transplant was heavy duty and killed her chance at motherhood. But, it saved