irreversible, inexplicable, amazing, devastating, enthralling, confusing, unforgettable, and most of all precious. They weave the experiences unique to each and every person. Moments that tell the story of each individual, a colorful rainbow of thread in the loom we call life. Everyone has a combination of past, present, future; a story that makes them who they are. Through and through, I have been strengthened and created by the story that is harbored within my soul, in every breath that I take, and in the very essence of my being.

Those who know me see a woman who smiles, laughs through the pain and sickness that I endure throughout everyday of my life that began in 2010, when I was 22 years old. I was told I had a terminal soon to be debilitating disease that has no known cure called, Rapidly Advancing Diffuse Scleroderma. This uncommon disease causes the body to form excess connective tissue, similar to scar tissue, that progressively hardens decreasing my bodies’ ability to do what it was created to do. I have the systemic type, meaning it hardens not only my skin, but my internal organs, too.

Ever since my diagnosis, I have tried every kind of treatment under the sun, including treatments from traditional doctors to naturapaths, even ending up in Mexico at one point, and then, in January 2013, had an autogolous stem cell transplant which gave me much relief and for which I'll always be grateful.


in the summer of 2014, I began to relapse, and my Scleroderma came back with a vengeance. Now, at age 29, the unfortunate truth is that my body is once again turning to stone at a rapid pace. It is a painful and terrifying process both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’ve lost my independence once again and am back relying on my mom for help with daily tasks.

So is there a new plan?

Yes! I have found a incredible doctor willing to give me another chance at life with an allogeneic transplant. Instead of using my own stem cells. I’ll be receiving stem cells from a donor. As far as we know, I’ll be one of the first scleroderma patients to have undergone both types of stem cell transplants. Siblings are genetically tested first and out of four, I have two matches and one of my brothers, Dan, is a perfect genetic match.

I started the process this last July and have ever since been attempting to get Medicare to guarantee payment for this transplant. They continually refuse. Hence, Cure For Cat Campaign #2. I know some will wonder why anyone should help me once again to try to save my life. What makes me so special? Well, this time it’s different.

This past year especially,

I’ve had several close friends of mine die from scleroderma and I’ve had enough. I want more for those who suffer along side of me with scleroderma. I am willing to risk my life with this transplant, not only to help me but to, hopefully, open the door for them as well.

The first transplant and campaign was all about me and saving my life. This next one is so much bigger than I. I know in my heart and soul that God created me for something greater than all this pain and suffering. I was raised to be strong and stand firm in my faith which takes away my fear of dying and the unknown. I know why I was chosen for this journey. I want to leave a legacy by helping others and making my life count. This is my life’s mission, and this is my next step next, a groundbreaking allogeneic transplant for scleroderma.

We believe that, because I will be receiving Dan’s stem cells that are scleroderma free, we will see lasting improvement and show the medical world that this could be our answer.

Please know that by helping me, you could potentially save hundreds of thousands of others.